Vegan Soy Hair Removal

vegan soy hair removal

The product we use is Soy based that is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and wax free. 

Why choose SOY?
SOY based hair removal is a vegan alternative to Beeswax. Environmentally friendly and sustainable product that is creamy and gentle on sensitive skin. Save the BEES!

Vegan SOY Hair Removal

Under arm $25

Stomach $40

Men’s Brows   $30

Bikini (Price may vary)   $50

Full Leg   $65

Half Leg   $45

Full arm   $55

Half Arm   $25

Signature Brow Shaping    $40

Lip    $15

Chin    $15

Sideburn     $20

Nose     $10

Full Face     $60

Back (price may vary)     $50

Chest (price may vary)     $50

Brazilian     $90


Lash Extensions by Anastasia Cherek:

Classic: $120

Russian: $200