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Epilfree – The future of skincare & hair removal

A professional hair reduction system developed in Israel by Dr.Yoel Konis, Ph.D., and Dr.Zhai Selkovits, Dermatologist.  It is a post-epilation treatment that offers permanent hair reduction (body, facial, and intimate areas).

What is Epilfree?

Epilfree is a hair removal alternative to laser.  Epilfree is a patented European professional hair removal system that combines the simplicity of use, with exceptional results that are equal to laser.

The EPILFREE solution is based on a unique, scientifically formulated combination of natural and safe synthetic ingredients (no chemicals) that inhibits and slows down the regrowth process of unwanted body hair. It is based on a combination of natural ingredients that consists of essential liquids extracted from herbs.

This  Hair Removal Treatment works in conjunction with a regular wax routine and is applied post epilation (wax) to the treated (waxed) area. It can also be used over tattoos with no damage or chance of pigmentation.
Epilfree can be used on delicate skin to all over body care where hair is not wanted.
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No worries about getting back in the sun. We would like you to stay out of the sun for 24 hours after treatment—absolutely no chance of photosensitivity.

Epilfree is Safe to use, certified by the health authorities of the European Union CPNP and registered with Health Canada and the FDA. Epilfree has been tested and approved by Cosmepar laboratory in France and shown to be without known irritants or side effects.

How it’s used:

  1.  Hair Removal by waxing with Epilfree approved wax.

    – for best results it is advised to use Epilfree hard or solf wax. That was tested and proven to leave no residue.

  2.  Applying and spreading Activator A.

    – Activator A includes antiseptic ingredients that disinfect the treatment area and opens the follicles 4 times the normal size to allow Toner B to enter the follicles.

  3.  Applying and messaging Toner B.

    – Drip a generous amount of Toner B onto the treatment area. Massage Toner B into the skin in the direction opposite to hair growth with a strong, firm pressure, massaging motion using your gloved fingers, until all the Toner B is absorbed into the skin follicles to stop hair growth.

After care for Epilfree

Do not wash or bathe the treated area at all, nor swim, workout or perspire for the next 6 hours.  Absolutely no post-waxing products, creams, lotions, makeup,deodorants, perfumes, etc. can be used on the area within the first 6 hours after treatment.  If you do not adhere to these instructions, the effectiveness of the treatment will be reduced.


Brows $60
Lips $40
Nose $50
Chin $40
Sideburns $40
Full face $130

  • This permanent treatment can reduce the hair up to 85%. Treatments need to be done on a regular schedule of two or three-week intervals as determined by your technician. The reduction happens over some time as the anagen phase hair cycles in.
  • The average amount of treatments is between eight and twelve for most people. Hormonal issues in women can be treated but more treatments may be necessary.