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My Signature Fragrance By Elizaveta Neginskaya


My Signature Fragrance By Elizaveta Neginskaya

My Signature Fragrance By Elizaveta Neginskaya



Elizaveta Neginskaya, My Signature Fragrance

EN Beauty’s founder, Elizaveta Neginskaya, has created a signature fragrance called “My Signature”. This fragrance is made from a blend of jasmine, saffron, orange, evernyl, cedarwood, ambergris, and fir balsam.


Dreamed in Hawaii, Made in the USA

From the founder of EN Beauty and EN Signature,  Elizaveta Neginskaya


“Fragrance is transformative, and it awakens the senses within Us.

Aromas are the keys to our consciousness. An aroma can instantly transport you to another time or place. The beauty of this fragrance is that it speaks to our hearts.

EN~JOY, My Signature fragrance!”

~ Elizaveta Neginskaya


Made with: Jasmine sourced from Sri Lanka, Saffron sourced from Spain, Orange, Evernyl, Ambroxan, Cedarwood sourced from Himalayas, Ambergris and Fir Balsam.


Size: 2 FL / 60 ML


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