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EN Signature Firm Enzyme Glow Masque

EN Signature Firm Enzyme Glow Masque

EN Signature Firm Enzyme Glow Masque



EN Signature Firm Enzyme Glow Masque


EN Signature Firm Enzyme Glow Masque contains a unique active papaya enzyme that helps to eliminate dead skin cells, resulting in smoother skin without irritation. Additionally, beeswax and avocado oil provide moisture and hydration to soften dry skin. The mask also contains tapioca starch and kaolin clay, which work together to tighten the skin’s surface.


Essential Ingredients:




Avocado Oil



To use this masque, apply it once or twice a week after cleansing and toning your skin. Put on a thick layer of the masque on your face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Let it set for 15 to 20 minutes. To remove, use a warm washcloth to sponge off the masque. Rinse your face thoroughly afterward. You might experience a slight tingling sensation from the papaya and pumpkin ingredients, but there should be no redness. If the tingling is too strong, remove the masque with cold water.


Concerns: Anti-Aging, Acne, Dehydration

Skin Types: Normal, Dry, Oil, and Combination

Size & Net Weight:
Full Size, 2 FL oz
Travel Size, 0.50 FL oz


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Full Size (2 Fl oz), Travel Size (0.50 Fl oz)