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Dr. NL Vitamin C 14% Serum

Dr. NL Vitamin C 14% Serum

Dr. NL Vitamin C 14% Serum


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Dr. NL Vitamin C 14% Serum has best optimized pure vitamin C, and other antioxidant components work together to improve skin’s brightness, firmness, stubborn discoloration, dull and uneven tone.
Volume: 20ml
Main ingredients: Pure Vitamin C, EGF, Coenzyme Q10
Certificate: CPNP,  Hypoallergenic test


About Dr. NL

Dr. NL is a cosmetic beauty brand that is renowned for its superior quality. It combines cutting-edge Korean cosmetics with Dr. Nikolaus Linde’s beauty philosophy, which is based on the rigorous standards of Switzerland. This ensures exceptional effectiveness and skin health.


Dr. Linde is an international beauty expert and an acclaimed keynote speaker at conferences around the world. He specializes in the treatment of fat pads, wrinkles, and skin transformations using the latest and most innovative technologies. Dr. Linde trains doctors in his international academies and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience in aesthetics.

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