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Dr. NL Eye & Neck Cream

Dr. NL Eye & Neck Cream

Dr. NL Eye & Neck Cream


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Dr. NL Eye & Neck Cream is a cream that helps with anti-aging by lifting and melting the skin. It comes in a 35 ML bottle and contains chitosan melting threads and plant stem cells (Callus).


The cream is enriched with 99.9% pure chitosan thread, which is a nature-originated melting-thread cream. Unlike synthetic PDO threads, this cream is immediately absorbed into the skin, providing a long-lasting lifting effect. The luxurious cream penetrates deeply into the skin, giving a natural lifting effect while also strengthening the skin barrier and preventing it from aging, thanks to the antioxidant effect of chitosan.


The DR.NL Eye & Neck Cream also has Rose of Jericho Callus Culture Extract, which contains phytochemicals that stimulate collagen synthesis. This extract improves skin elasticity by generating antioxidants and preventing cell damage. It also helps soothe skin itching and eczema, and inhibits melanogenesis, which improves the skin tone.


Edelweiss Callus Culture Extract is another ingredient that has a strong antioxidant effect. It is effective for moisturizing with AQP3 and improves wrinkles by inhibiting collagenase. Additionally, it promotes skin-lifting and elasticity by inhibiting collagenase.


Other ingredients include Fuligo Wax, which stimulates stem cells for anti-aging and wrinkle care, Ulvaca, which activates stem cell proliferation and improves skin elasticity, and Madecassoside, which calms and recovers the skin.

Volume: 35 ML

About Dr. NL

Dr. NL is a cosmetic brand that stands out for its exceptional quality. It merges advanced Korean cosmetics with Dr. Nikolaus Linde’s beauty philosophy, which is based on the strict standards of Switzerland. This ensures remarkable effectiveness and promotes skin health. Dr. Linde is a renowned international beauty expert and speaker at conferences worldwide.

Dr Nikolaus Linde specializes in treating fat pads, wrinkles, and skin transformations using the latest and most innovative technologies. Furthermore, Dr. Linde trains doctors at his international academies and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience in the field of aesthetics. His philosophy is simple: innovation and experience make all the difference.