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Dr. NL E.G.F. Bio-Cell Mask

Dr. NL E.G.F. Bio-Cell Mask

Dr. NL E.G.F. Bio-Cell Mask


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Dr. NL E.F.G. Bio-Cell Mask is an advanced sheet mask that is free from preservatives and has been sterilized. It is designed to encourage skin recovery function and elasticity. This incredible mask is a multi-functional skincare solution that not only moisturizes but also reduces inflammation, promotes skin recovery, combats signs of aging, and effectively shrinks pores.

The E.F.G. feature is exclusively developed in Dr. NL’s lab and offers a range of benefits, such as stimulating the proliferation of epidermal and epidermal cells, reducing, and preventing wrinkles by generating new skin cells, stimulating the synthesis of collagen, improving the appearance of dark spots, reducing pigmentation, and enhancing skin elasticity. With regular use, this mask can also help to smooth the skin’s surface, giving you a youthful and radiant complexion, you’ve always wanted.

There are five E.G.F. Bio-Cell Masks included in the box.

Main ingredients: EGF, Adenosine
Certificate:  CPNP, Hypoallergenic test

About Dr. NL

Dr. NL is a cosmetic brand that stands out for its exceptional quality. It merges advanced Korean cosmetics with Dr. Nikolaus Linde’s beauty philosophy, which is based on the strict standards of Switzerland. This ensures remarkable effectiveness and promotes skin health. Dr. Linde is a renowned international beauty expert and speaker at conferences worldwide. He specializes in treating fat pads, wrinkles, and skin transformations using the latest and most innovative technologies.

Furthermore, Dr. Linde trains doctors at his international academies and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience in the field of aesthetics. His philosophy is simple: innovation and experience make all the difference.


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5 masks are included in the package